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With over 40 years of experience in various aspects of radio and television station operation, multi-media and web, including engineering, management, sales, you name it!

  • General FCC license # PG-12-26765
  • Dave Gifford International Sales Management Graduate.

I can provide

  • Equipment sales through RF Specialties
  • RF Radiation Exposure Measurements. Is your transmitter site in compliance?
  • NRSC measurements
  • FCC filings (Construction Permits, Modifications, Changes)
  • 24 hour on call service
  • Full studio and transmitter maintenance
  • New (or remodeling) facility planning and construction including acoustical isolation
  • Custom equipment design and fabrication
  • A strong working relationship with you, your staff and other contractors
  • Facilities designed for your promotional, programming and revenue goals
  • Tower work (antenna and transmission line mounting, lighting maintenance) up to 200 feet
  • TV studio and transmitter infrastructure installation & repair.
  • Web site authoring


KAIL-TV, Fresno (formerly analog channel 53 UHF) chanel 7. As of June, 2000, I have been consulting for this this TV station. I planned and designed the conversion to DTV. Stayed with this station under new ownership in 2015, moving the studio facilites to a new location.


  • See the Year 2001 pictures
  • See the DTV installation pictures
  • See also KDWN below in the radio section. KDWN was formerly owned by the same company.


KOTR TV, Monterey, CA. Contract engineer.

Contact: Jeff Chang, President at (831)-655-5687

Ventura Broadcasting, Fresno, CA. Contract engineer.

Here I was part of a team designing and building a full video over IP system of 20 channels integrated in a master control feeding three TV stations, satellite reception systems, commissioning the STL/TSL system and transmitters.

Contact: Mark Shirin, President at (559)-265-4326


Major Market Past Experience (all stations in California except as noted)

  • KDWN, Las Vegas, Nevada. Taking this station from the 70's to the year 2001. Pictures
  • KCBS/ KLLC, San Francisco. I helped with the studios move in Nov/Dec 2000. Construction Pictures
  • KBLX/ KVTO, Berkeley-San Francisco (special projects).
  • KFRC/ KYCY, San Francisco (staff engineer, special projects).pics
  • KNBR, San Francisco (staff engineer).

Medium and Small Market Experience


  • The Space Show. Studio design and maintenance.
  • Campasina Radio. Contract Engineering.


  • KXBX, Lakeport. Antenna installation. New antenna pictures and booster.
  • KSRO, KFGY, KMGG, KXFX, Santa Rosa (back up guy and special project engineer). Contact: Randy Wells,
  • KZST, Santa Rosa (former engineer). Contact: Gordon Zlot (GM/CE), gz@KZST.COM
  • KMFB/ KPMO, Mendocino (former Chief Engineer) picture
  • KSXY (formerly KHBG), Healdsburg (former Chief Engineer) pictures
  • KUKI AM/FM, Ukiah (former Chief Engineer)
  • K-Love (Originally KCLB) Network (former Chief Engineer).pics

My own stations I operated in the past

  • KMXN, Santa Rosa (LMA'd)pics
  • KTOB, Petaluma (LMA'd). I was formerly in a partnership here, which ended on 3/31/01.

Other Items of Interest


Web site design examples

Sites I have built

My SushiBorainian Sector

Sites I give a helping hand to

The Space Show One Giant Leap Foundation David Livingston


I have some test equipment available to rent.

  • Tektronix 2710 spectrum analyzer
  • Rohde & Schwartz FSH3-TV spectrum analyzer

Engineering Services

$300.00 per hour On Site
$150.00 per hour For Travel Time


In case of work involving long distance travel or overnight stays, additional expense charges apply including, but not limited to:
Travel, such as air-fare Hotel/ lodging Transportation, such as car rental


Make note of this important information about my service charges:

  1. It is the client's responsibility to make sure preparations are made for me to work when I show up. The client is responsable to make sure appropriate tools, test equipment, materials, transportation, etc. are available. If not, that I know of any needs before arriving.
  2. On-Site time charges apply from the time I arrive to the work site to the time I leave for the day.
  3. If I am traveling by air, the client will also be charged for transportation of tools and test equipment when applicable.
  4. I reserve the right to approve the choice of lodging.
  5. The minimum day charge is $1350.00, plus expenses when applicable.
  6. A Deposit, in advance, is required for all new clients. The amount will depend on the type of job.
  7. I am available for work internationally. However, the Day Rate is $2,250.00 plus expenses. Payment is required in full, in advance, for the job.

Web Site Services


$160 per hour On Site Appointments
$160 per hour Regular Labor Charge
Flate Rate design prices available depending on your project.


Spectrum Analyzer Rental


1 week $325.00
2 weeks $525.00
4 weeks $725.00

Client also is responsible for Federal Express or UPS freight charges, fully insured, 3 day shipping or faster.

Client accepts full responsibility for any loss while the unit is in the clients possession. Rental starts when you get it and ends when it arrives back to me.

Barter, in full or part, is possible for any of my services. Let me know what you have to trade.

Used equipment I have for sale


Allen Avionics Hum Eliminator Model HEC-2000. I have 7 of these.


Bird air cooled Dummy Load Model DA40. 40 KW rated UHF (analog, peak power) 470 to 890 MHz, 50 Ohm

Bird 40 KW UHF dummy load

bird 40 KW UHF dummy load