K-Love radio network's first station was KCLB, licenced to Santa Rosa, Ca.


This is the station that started me in the radio business. I was only 13 years old at the time. Electronics was a hobby of mine at the time. So, when the church I attended at the time decided to build a radio station, I got envolved.


This is a custom made mixing console I designed and built for the production studio.


All radio stations experience technical problems at one time or another. But, a major brush fire on the mountain tops can be devistating. As we got reports of a fire, we could only wait and see what happened. The fire finally reached the site and the station went off the air.

After we were able to go to the site, we were thinking, "Maybe the exciter is still intact and we can get something on the air...." Well, when we arrived we saw what was left. NOTHING! Lesson learned... use cement block construction for your transmitter site building.

The only thing remaining, that was still good, was a Sears Craftman wrench.